iOS 8新Time Lapse功能!8 【Quick Tricks】

潮流興玩Time Lapse拍攝,現在用iPhone也能夠拍攝Time Lapse短片,非常方便。這也是大男孩急速升級上iOS 8的原因。升級後相機app就多了一個拍攝模式,還多了曝光補償的功能。只需要按下紅色錄影制,就會開始拍攝Time Lapse短片,完成後直接輸出成一個Video,不需要做任何後製,亦沒有任何更改設定的機會。If your iPhone can be upgraded to iOS 8, now you can use your iPhone to shoot time lapse video. I never upgrade phone OS so quick but this time i am attracted by the time lapse mode very much. It simply add 1 more mode to your camera app. All you need to do is to press the red button. It will start recording immediately. When you decide to end the video, press the red button again. A time lapse video will be saved in your Photo app. No post editing is needed. Easy! And no setting is allowed by Apple too.

拍攝時,最好用三腳架固定iPhone,這樣拍攝的短片才會穩定。My recommendation is to use an iPhone tripod to stabilize the shoot in order to get a nice & stable time lapse video.

移動中的水柱在Time Lapse下很有趣。The irrigation sprinkler looks so funny in Time Lapse video.

拍攝白雲快速移動也是必拍主題之一。拍攝Time Lapse途中,會有一個倒數的圓圈圍著紅制,表示正在拍攝Time Lapse中。Moving Cloud is also a must-shot scene for time lapse. You will see a counter goes around the red button in time lapse mode representing it is shooting time lapse video.

加上廣角鏡頭會令更多的東西被攝入畫面,也很適合拍攝Time Lapse使用。Try add an iPhone wide angle lens to cover a wider perspective of your time lapse video.

來看看以iPhone 5s拍攝出來的Time Lapse效果,一般相機拍攝幾秒鐘的Time Lapse片段要用上幾分鐘的時間,用iPhone拍攝的話好像不需要這麼就久。This is output video with my iPhone 5s. It seems take less time to finish a time lapse video than using a proper camera. That I am not so sure.

另一個玩法,不需要三腳架,邊行邊拍!Try another way, record your journey of walk or drive.


更新iOS 8後,一般使用上都沒有什麼問題,但iPhoto暫時好像不能用(發文時已經有iOS 8.0.2版本,還沒有試過能否開iPhoto),大家更新前,要好好考慮啊。Except for iPhoto is refusing to work (When I draft this blog iOS 8.0.2 already out but I didn't have time to check it out), all normal use of my iPhone 5s seems fine. I do enjoy shooting time lapse with my iPhone:)